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Butterfly Buzz, a wholly owned INI Online Store, was launched in 2004. 

Butterfly Buzz shares your butterfly and dragonfly obsession. Butterflies and dragonflies epitomize transformation and rebirth and as a result resonate with almost anyone who has faced and overcome life’s difficult challenges. Sometimes referred to as flowers that fly, butterflies and dragonflies inspire hope and the will to persevere.

That’s why Butterfly Buzz has spent over a decade creating the premiere online gift store for Butterfly and Dragonfly lovers. Catering to the enthusiast’s every whim, the website showcases over 850 unique butterfly and dragonfly items. Butterfly Buzz has sought out artists, craftsmen, and manufacturers from around the globe, consolidating a worldwide selection in one convenient source.

 No matter what your budget, Butterfly Buzz allows you to share the precious gift of hope and beauty with those you love.